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  • About Guidd
    • What is Guidd?
      A platform that provides you with clients for the activities you offer in your area. We believe that you, local guides, are the people most capable to provide authentic experiences.
    • ¿Who can become part of Guidd?
      Any local guide certifying compliance with the legal requirements established in the terms of service.
    • What kind of activities can I offer on Guidd?
      You can post all kinds of outdoor activities on Guidd. We have grouped the activities into the following categories: hiking, nature, adventure, trekking, snow, water and cultural.
  • Register as a Guide
    • How do I register and create an account on Guidd?
      Creating an account on Guidd is very simple and also free. The easiest way is to sign up with your Facebook or Google + account. Another option is to register by entering your email and password.
    • What is the user account?
      Your account contains all the data and information on your user profile, your voicemail, your bookings, your published activities and your favorite activities. To view and manage your user account you must be a registered user. You'll be taken to the different sections of your account using the dropdown menu on the top right of the page bearing your name.
    • How do I edit my profile?
      You can access your profile from the user account. It is necessary to complete the "Personal Information" section before publishing activities.
    • What is the public profile and who can see it?
      The public profile is a record where the following information is displayed: name, photograph, contact details verification, personal presentation skills, published activities and reviews received. Your public profile will be visible to all users once you post your first activity.
  • Publish Activities
    • How do I post an activity?
      To post an activity you must be a registered user. To access the form, click the button "Post an activity" located at the top right of the page or from the “Activities" section of your user account. In a few steps you will be able to complete all the details about your activity: location, description, prices, photos and availability. We will validate your activity and publish within a period of 72 hours.
    • How do I modify an activity?
      You can modify your activities at any time by accessing the "Activities" section of your user account. We validate the changes and publish them within a 72 hour period. Such amendments shall not apply to reservations already confirmed.
    • Is there a cost to post activities on Guidd?
      Posting your activities on Guidd has no cost. Note that once the activity has been completed you will receive the equivalent of the price of the activity minus Guidd’s commission established under the terms of service.
  • Manage Bookings
    • What do I do when I receive a booking request from a client?
      When a client sends a request to book your activity, you will receive a notice by email and SMS. You’ll have a maximum of 48 hours to accept or reject it. To access the request, go to the "Reservations" section of your user account. If the 48 hour period expires, the application will be rejected automatically. If you accept the request, the reservation will be confirmed and both parties will receive an email with the booking and contact information to work out the details.
    • Can I cancel a booking request that was previously accepted?
      If you are forced to cancel activities for which there is a reservation, you must propose an alternative date to hold the activity to the client. In the event that it is not possible to set an alternative date or it is not acceptable to the customer, you must communicate with us by sending an e-mail to go@guidd.io.
    • Can I group bookings together?
      Yes, you can. To promote it on your activity calendar, your dates with bookings will be shown as, "Booked Day with Places Available".
  • Reviews
    • How does the rating system work?
      After each activity the client will receive a notice to rate and review their experience with you. Ratings can only be made by those who have participated in your activity. These will be published on your activity’s website and will be publicly visible.
    • Can I reply to a review?
      You cannot reply to it publicly, but you can contact the client who has written a review about one of your activities to try to clarify any aspect with which you do not agree. Please note that opinions that do not respect the rules of conduct established in the terms of service will be deleted.
    • Why are are reviews so important?
      Reviews are critical because they help users choose the best option for them. Who hires you for your activities may depend on them.
  • Payments and refunds
    • How and when are payments made?
      On the day of your activity, in your user account under “Bookings,” you must enter the booking code provided by the client. It is important that your bank details are updated in your profile. Remember, you will receive the activity amount minus Guidd’s commission established in the terms of service. We make the transfers every Monday.
    • What if a client cancels a booking?
      If a client cancels a booking, the client will receive the amount that corresponds with the reimbursement level you have established from one of the following:
      • Flexible: full refund until the day before.
      • Moderate: full refund up to 5 days before. 50% in the last 5 days.
      • Strict: 50% refund up to 5 days before. Nothing in the last 5 days.
      • Very strict: 50% refund up to 10 days before. Nothing in the last 10 days.
        You will receive the remaining amount minus Guidd’s commission.
  • Contact
    • How can I contact Guidd?
      You can contact Guidd whenever you need. We are at your disposal via the contact section or by e-mailing us at go@guidd.io. You can also call us at (+34) 688 713 163. We will respond to your request as soon as possible.
    • Why might I need to contact Guidd?
      If you have technical problems with your account, you do not understand something about the operation of Guidd, you are presented with a problem or question regarding a booking, Guidd is always available to help you find a solution.

      You may also want to give us suggestions, proposals, opinions ... We highly appreciate this kind of feedback, so we encourage you to do so.
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